Rose Preservation Proccess

The Beauty of Preservation

At La’MayRoses, we’re often asked about what preserved roses are, and why our luxury preserved roses are the premium choice over dried florals or even basic flower bouquets. We’re excited to share our exclusive preservation process with you, and show you just why our 100% real luxury roses make the perfect gift that will be cherished for years to come.


Our Process

We never use silk, faux, or synthetic roses in our gorgeous floral arrangements. All of our roses are authentic, and thoughtfully handpicked at their liveliest and most lovely phase in Ecuador. We then place them into a fully concentrated mixture of glycerin and other natural ingredients to properly preserve their stunning look, and prepare them to be adored by the ones you adore. 

Our preservation process takes only 3 weeks, creating magnificent roses to be marveled for up to 5 years. 

After the preservation process is complete, we also provide the option of a sophisticated rose dying technique by using the various personalized colours you’ll see in our store. These noteworthy shades include Pearl White, Dreamy Lilac, Blush Pink, Kiss Me Pink, Morning Blue, Starry Sapphire, Sunrise Peach, Lust Red, Wine Red, Vogue Black, Café Latte, Ash Grey, Rich Gold & Rose Gold.


The Difference Between Preserved Roses and Other Flowers

Preserved roses differ from dried flowers or standard bouquets as both of the former have fleeting life spans compared to our real luxury roses. Dried flowers quickly become easily breakable and bouquets may die within a week or two of purchase, whereas our preserved roses retain their flawless bloom and can last recipients up to 5 incredible years. Don’t pay luxury prices for flowers that will be gone within the blink of an eye; instead, opt for the price of luxury for timeless roses that will be yours (or theirs) long enough to create an irreplaceable and unforgettable memory. 

Our roses do more than just sit beautifully in a vase - they are also picturesque home decor and couture centerpieces, too. We also offer a collection of lavish gift boxes, suitable for any occasion, to match your new luxury roses and mark a celebration for the ages. At La’MayRoses, we’re all about making once-in-a-lifetime moments perfect, personal, and everlasting.


Our eternal roses are grown at our beautiful rose farms in Ecuador